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Hogwarts Legacy Changes Divisive Feature

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When Hogwarts Legacy was released earler this year in February there was one character who many players found very annoying. That character was Ignatia Wildsmith, who players were growing annoyed by due to her constantly blurting out the same few lines of dialogue everytime you saw her, which was very often given she’s literally the various fast travel points in the game. Hearing these complaints, develeloper Avalanche Software turned down the frequency with which she speaks, which in turn helped minimize the problem.

Fast-forward, and now Avalanche Software has gone a step farther in remedying this issue for players by adding different and new voice lines for the character.  This means now not only does the character shout down players with nothing burger quips less often, but now there is more varation to these quips. 

An example of the new quips is what Ignatia will say to players when Cragcroft is first discovered. Upon doing this, Ignatia will now comment about the Lord of the Shore, referencing San Bakar’s trial featuring Graphornn. This and the other new quips have been in the game’s file since launch, but only now have they been activated. 

Hogwarts Legacy is available via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. Come July 25, it will also be available via Nintendo Switch. For more coverage on the new Harry Potter game — including not just the latest news, but the latest rumors and leaks — click here.

“While it doesn’t do everything perfectly, Hogwarts Legacy stimulates the imagination with a rich world to explore and gameplay that empowers and thrills the player,” reads a snippet from our review of the game. “The Harry Potter films had the tough task of taking words on a page and creating a visual language for them. Hogwarts Legacy had the even tougher task of taking that visual language and making it interactive, ultimately expanding it all into something that is fun to play and immerse yourself in. Although there’s still a long year ahead of us and tons of great looking games on the horizon, Hogwarts Legacy is already one of the best games of 2023.”

H/T, Game Rant.

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