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Trailer Released for Saban’s All-Ages Fantasy Adventure

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Saban and Paramount have released the trailer for The Secret Kingdom, an all-aged fantasy-adventure film inspired by movies like The Never-Ending Story and due in theaters next month. The film, which centers on a pair of siblings who find a magical land buried beneath their bedroom floor, has some of the tropes that you would find in The Lion, the Witch, the the Wardrobe or Labyrinth, giving it a sense of scope and asking the audience to buy into a strange, new universe from filmmaker Matt Drummond, a visual effects veteran best known for his work on My Pet Dinosaur and Dinosaur Island.

The Secret Kingdom was written and directed by Drummond. The film stars Sam Everingham, Alyla Browne, Alice Parkinson, Chris Gabardi, Darius Williams, and Beth Champion. 

You can see the trailer here:

You can see the official synopsis for the film below.

Join siblings Peter and Verity on a magical journey to The Secret Kingdom! Hidden beneath their bedroom floor lies a land of enchantment, which must be protected from an ancient enemy – the evil Shroud. As they embark on their quest to unite five mystical treasures and save the Kingdom, Peter and Verity must face epic challenges that will test their bravery to the limit. Don’t miss this thrilling and unforgettable fantasy adventure fit for the whole family!

Produced by Matt and Alice Drummond, whose previous films include popular Spielbergian-style fantasy films My Pet Dinosaur (2017) and Dinosaur Island (2014), The Secret Kingdom was filmed down under with a cast that includes Alyla Browne, known for playing Nicole Kidman’s daughter in ”Nine Perfect Strangers” and for her roles in George Miller’s Three Thousand Years of Longing and the Children of the Corn remake, Alice Parkinson (X-Men Origins : Wolverine, Sanctum), Darius Williams (“Home & Away”), and Christopher Gabardi (Drummond’s My Pet Dinosaur), The Secret Kingdom is tipped to be a new family favorite among those who love The Never-Ending Story and Labyrinth.  

The Secret Kingdom will be in Theaters, on VOD and On Demand on June 9.

Saban Films recent credits include The Old Way, starring Nicolas Cage; Supercell with Skeet Ulrich; Assassin, the final film for the now retired Bruce Willis; and The Best Man starring Dolph Lundgren and Luke Wilson, released in April.

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