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Star Wars Fans Celebrate Ahsoka Star Rosario Dawson’s 44th Birthday

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Star Wars: Ahsoka actress turns 44 today and fans are celebrating her on social media. All over Twitter and Facebook, people are sharing favorite pictures of Dawson. For Star Wars fans, it’s an especially fun one because they are focused on her upcoming stint in Star Wars: Ahsoka on Disney+. During Star Wars Celebration,’s Brandon Davis caught up with Dawson to ask about the series. In her comments to us, the actress explained that some things had changed for the former Jedi since the last time we saw her in a live-action project. 

“What we’re getting from that is, you know, there’s been a long-held idea that maybe Grand Admiral Thrawn is dead and that the threat is over and that we’ve moved on in success, you know, and that really the only hardship is the fact that we had to lose Ezra in the process,” Dawson explained.

 “But, you know, I think that’s what we get a lot of in this trailer. And she’s talking with Mom, you know that there’s been whisperings that there’s been this idea and the continuation, not only from the Rebels but from all of these other places that, like, you know, there’s a need to stay vigilant; there’s still a threat that’s out there,” she added. “And I feel finally glad that we can say it out loud because people have been asking, and I’m like, “I’m looking for this character,” but now that we’ve seen him, we realize that he is very much alive and well, and so, you know, the threat is very real, and we need to come back together again to deal with it.”

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