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First Look at CBS Reboot Starring Kathy Bates Released

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The Matlock trailer has been released by CBS, and you can watch it below! The new Matlock reboot stars Academy and Emmy Award-winner Kathy Bates as “Madeline Matlock” who uses some wit and charm as an elder lawyer to win cases and weed out those in the firm working for all the wrong reasons. Matlock will be airing on CBS “soon” on Sunday nights.

You can get the official synopsis, cast/crew information, and first-look images for the Matlock reboot, below: 

MATLOCK stars Emmy and Academy Award winner Kathy Bates as Madeline “Matty” Matlock, a brilliant septuagenarian who achieved success in her younger years and decides to rejoin the workforce at a prestigious law firm where she uses her unassuming demeanor and wily tactics to win cases. Matty is assigned to Olympia (Skye P. Marshall), a senior attorney and key rainmaker with a thirst for justice. Olympia’s ex-husband, Julian (Jason Ritter), the son of the head of the firm, is intrigued by Matty and her clever skills. As Matty endeavors to establish herself in her new high-stakes world, she works alongside the firm’s younger associates – the charismatic Billy (David Del Rio) and the uber ambitious Sarah (Leah Lewis). 

MATLOCK is inspired by the classic television series of the same name.

MATLOCK stars Kathy Bates as Madeline “Matty” Matlock, Skye P. Marshall as Olympia, Jason Ritter as Julian, David Del Rio as Billy and Leah Lewis as Sarah. Bates, Jennie Snyder Urman, Joanna Klein, Eric Christian Olsen and John Will are executive producers. Kat Coiro directed the pilot from a script written by Urman. The series is produced by CBS Studios.

As the trailer makes clear, this new Matlock is very much in the vein of the original – i.e., a weekly legal procedural that appeals to an adult-to-elderly crowd. The original Matlock ran from 1986 to 1995 and starred Andy Griffith (of The Andy Griffith Show) in the titular role of Ben Matlock, a widower who opens a law firm of his own in Atlanta after years as a public defender. There are any number of staples of the original show that fans will be looking for in this new version – from what Madeline Matlock drives, to what her favorite food is (hot dogs?). 

(Photo: Brooke Palmer)
(Photo: Brooke Palmer)
(Photo: CBS)

Kathy Bates had a successful run of TV roles in the 2010s (American Horror Story, Harry’s Law), before leaving the small screen behind in 2018… until now. If there was ever a vehicle for her to get back on TV, Matlock seems like a good bet. 

Matlock will air “soon” Sundays 8/9c on CBS

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