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Gotham Knights Recap With Spoilers: “Belly of the Beast”

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Warning: This article contains major spoilers for this week’s episode of The CW’s Gotham Knights, “Belly of the Beast”. Read beyond this point at your own risk.

Two goons open a trunk to make some sort of deal, but before they can complete it, the Knights intervene. Turns out, it’s a weapons deal that they’ve just broken up. They deliver the criminals and the guns in a place where the police will find them. The Knights wait for Cullen to come get them but is late and they are nearly caught — though Cullen has stolen a food truck for their getaway. Cullen later reveals that his watch stopped working. He’s been wearing one of the Court of Owls watches so it’s surprising that it stopped. Carrie reminds everyone that while they aren’t closer to stopping the Court, they are still doing good.  However, Cullen discovers that all of the Court watches they have stopped working at the exact same time and then, suddenly their dials start spinning. Harper says she doesn’t think they’re broken but are working perfectly, they just don’t know what they’re doing.

Elsewhere, Harvey takes Cressida to a safe house, though it’s not something she likes. Cressida wants an order of federal protection before she talks. Harvey assures her that she will be safe where he’s stashed her — and tells her that she needs to help him. At the March’s home, Lincoln is working on getting his strength back as he recovers.  He drops his phone and goes to pick it up and discovers one of Harvey’s cufflinks on the floor, but he doesn’t confront Rebecca about it.

The Knights work on trying to figure out if there’s a code with the watches. Turner remembers something Joe chill said that the key to finding the court was “watches all the time”. Stephanie realizes that it might actually be latitude and longitude and they find the location so now they have a time and location. Duela thinks they might be having a party because they’ve completed the art collection. It’s the old Gotham power plant. Stephanie gets a call from the pharmacy about a prescription, but she doesn’t have one. She hurries out to go to the pharmacy. Turner decides that they need to infiltrate the Court’s party. Harper and Cullen don’t think this is a good idea. Duela suggests that they can dress appropriately to get in and Cullen can 3D print masks, but he can only make two.

Lincoln addresses the public and accuses Turner Hayes of attacking him and wants to know what Harvey Dent is doing. Turns out Harvey has been a little AWOL. Harvey also wants to speak to a judge about a plea deal. Harvey gets a call from Rebecca telling him that she thinks he knows about their affair. She says that there’s a side to Lincoln that the press doesn’t see and he is a cruel man. She is afraid. Harvey goes to check on Cressida, but she’s not there. A tape is left for him to play and it’s the music that we’ve heard before.

Duela dresses for the evening and Turner is speechless. Duela reveals that she learned about conning people from the best, her mother, who had so many identities that they only knew her as Jane Doe. Outside the venue, the Knights get ready. Harper gives Carrie upgraded goggles. Meanwhile at the television studio, Stephanie goes to talk to her father. She tells him she’s worried about her mother and that she’s been filling extra prescriptions under her name. Unfortunately, Arthur doesn’t seem bothered and tries to dismiss this all as her mother really needing it and then tries to silence Stephanie because he doesn’t want anyone to know about the issue.

Turner and Duela attempt to gain admission to the event and it takes them a moment to realize they have to use the watch to get in.  They begin to mingle once inside — everyone, even the musicians are wearing masks. There is a rack of swords in the room, there’s also a child in attendance as well.  Everyone starts to gather to where something is covered in a drape. Someone announces that the map Allen Wayne hid from them is back — and that the map will lead them to something — Electrum — that will allow them to live forever. In the van, Harper finds a reference to Electrum in the 1920s noting a scientist at the time was performing sketchy experiments. Turner lets them know that the plan is now to steal the map. Duela gets them out of the main party area to where they’ve taken the map. Unfortunately, they’re caught —maskless — and have to fight. Duela cuts the map from its frame and they move to leave. However, before they can, it’s announced that there is a traitor in the midst and everyone turns to look at Cressida, who has been hauled in.

At Stephanie’s house, she goes home and finds her mom. She’s been drinking. Stephanie tries to stop her and discovers the pills in her own name. The two have a confrontation about it and Stephanie steals the pills. Her mother is verbally abusive to her, but Stephanie flushes the pills anyway.

Back at the Court, Cressida owns up to the things she did for the Court — and why she could no longer stand with them. She tells them they are monsters. The Court finds her guilty and the child of all people says she needs to die. Turner wants to save her but Duela thinks it’s crazy. He tells her that she can walk away with the painting and he’s going to save Cressida. The Talon moves to kill her, but Turner beheads the Talon instead. Everyone scatters, Duela gets a rescue from Carrie. Turner and Cressida escape into the woods. He demands answers from her. She says that she was going to expose the Court and that they can’t get their hands on Electrum because they will continue to make the city suffer while they grow fat. She also tells him that Bruce was going to give his fortune to the people of Gotham to change the dynamic so they wouldn’t have to rely on crime, which the Court needs. However, before he can get more info, the Court shows up and kills her and takes Turner. They have plans for him.

At home, Stephanie sees the aftermath of her mother’s rage. Her father is home and he confronts Stephanie. He expects her to just keep letting her mother use the medications and he blames her for the outburst. Back at the truck, Duela wants to go after Turner but Carrie and the others stop her. They have to have a better plan. They need to regroup so they can find him. The Court hauls Turner away and then the man who killed Cressida unmasks. It’s Lincoln March. Meanwhile, Harvey Dent wakes up wearing a Court of Owls mask covered in blood. His hands are covered in blood as well and he has no idea how any of it happened.

Gotham Knights airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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