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One-Punch Man Cliffhanger Sets Up a New Hero Association

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One-Punch Man has been setting the stage for a brand new arc following all of the chaos from the fight against the Monster Association, and the newest chapter of the One-Punch Man manga has taken a huge step forward towards this new era with the tease of a brand new Hero Association being formed! One-Punch Man has been spending the latest few chapters of the manga release establishing the new status quo for Saitama and the other heroes following all of the Monster Association Saga chaos, and it seems that as a result, there are heroes going a different route. 

One-Punch Man‘s Hero Association took some major losses over the course of the fight against the monsters, and that’s been noticed by the public at large as the Hero Association has been trying to reform their ranks in the event that more monsters attack in the same way someday. It’s clear that the high rolling donors are the ones with the most vested interest in reforming the Hero Association to its former strength, but a group of new and young heroes has been making their own move in secret. 

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One-Punch Man 182: What Is the New Hero Association? 

One-Punch Man Chapter 182 sees the Hero Association trying new tactics to recruit strong young heroes to their ranks, and even using Tatsumaki’s recent damage (and subsequent cover up) as a way to try and get those heroes interested. But in seeing one of these recruiters approaching a young vigilante named Axel, and interesting nugget was dropped about another hero group forming instead. Knowing that the Hero Association is only really interested in protecting the rich, this new generation of heroes isn’t going to fall for the same recruiting tactics. 

Axel teases that a new Hero Association is beginning to form and they have even approached some of the S-Class heroes in secret. They don’t believe in the old way of doing things, and making matters even more interesting is the fact that the final moments of One-Punch Man Chapter 182 reveal that Genos was actually one of the heroes approached about this as well. But he’s hesitating about the offer due to his connection with Saitama (who has yet to be approached, naturally, do to his lower standing). 

Now it’s just a matter of seeing what this new hero group actually is, but what do you think will come from this new generation of heroes in One-Punch Man? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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