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The Flash “A New World, Part Three” Preview Teases Major Character Return

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Eddie Thawne is back. The CW has released a preview for “A New World, Part Three,” the penultimate episode of The Flash. The episode is scheduled to air on Wednesday, May 17th. As we saw this week, Eddie Thawne has been restored to life, but while that should be a cause for celebration, from the looks of things it may be one of the biggest threats to Barry that he’s faced yet. Eddie seems to realize the life he lost out on with is death and now he has the ability to “fix” the issue. You can check out the preview below and then read on for the episode synopsis.

THE EXTRAORDINARY; JESSICA PARKER KENNEDY AND RICK COSNETT GUEST STAR – Team Flash works together to figure out how to protect Barry (Grant Gustin), all while being very careful who they trust. Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) is skeptical of the plan after an unsuccessful attempt. Khione’s (Danielle Panabaker) confidence in Chester (Brandon McKnight) enables him to convince Cecile to try one more time. Stefan Pleszczynski directed the episode written by Jonathan Butler and & Sarah Tarkoff.

Is Eddie actually Cobalt Blue?

Last week, viewers saw Rick Cosnett return to The Flash but he didn’t return as Eddie Thawne. Instead, that episode introduced viewers to Dr Malcolm Gilmore, a scientist at Mercury Labs who happens to look a lot like Eddie and, at the end of the episode, is struck by lightning in his lab much like Barry Allen was when he gained his Speed Force powers. After the strike, there was a mysterious file from the CCPD about the death of Eddie Thawne. This week, Dr. Gilmore tries to get answers, going to the CCPD first and then, as the episode progresses, starts hearing voices and getting flashes of Eddie’s memories. The episode ends in a deranged Malcolm digging up Eddie’s grave for answers only to discover that the coffin is empty — and that he now has the gunshot wound to the chest that killed Eddie. He is, in fact, Eddie Thawne somehow back from the dead.

In comics, Cobalt Blue is Malcolm Thawne, who is actually Barry Allen’s twin brother. However, the doctor who delivered the twins stole Malcolm at birth and gave him to the Thawnes. That doctor’s name? Dr. Gilmore. The preview for next week also seems to give some more clues that we’re on a collision course to Cobalt Blue, with Eddie heard saying “I could have had a whole life. Now, I have the chance to change that.” One of the key elements of Cobalt Blue in comics is that Malcolm had a bad childhood and, after finding out the truth as an adult, grew jealous of Barry for living the life he should have had.

Showrunner Eric Wallace has also fueled speculation, by telling fans to pay special attention to the blue crystal — a hallmark of Cobalt Blue that first made its appearance in the Season 8 finale.

“You can’t see me winking, right? There are no details I can give you about whether or not Cobalt Blue might appear on this show,” Wallace said. “Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. I can neither confirm nor deny anything. I can say this, however: be aware of the blue crystal, especially in the series finale.”

The Flash airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW. “A New World, Part Three” airs May 17th.

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