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The Full Monty Reboot Trailer Released by Disney+

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The Full Monty just got a new trailer from Disney+. For the brand new series on the streaming platform, the makers of the beloved movie are back in the fold for this one. Mark Addy, Robert Carlyle and Lesley Sharp are all here. But, they’re having a bit of a different experience later in life. After all, it’s been 25 years since we last checked up on The Full Monty boys, and they’re not really boys anymore. Their careers in adult dancing haven’t exactly panned out. People remember their iconic show in the movie, but things haven’t exactly been smooth for them. Dave’s marriage and self-image are flagging, Gaz’s daughter Destiny is distance, and there are other interesting wrinkles to revisit. Check out the trailer right here.

Writer, creator and executive producer Simon Beaufoy told Disney, “It has been one of the great joys of my writing career to reunite this eccentric, irrepressible family of Sheffield men and women and see how 25 years, 7 Prime Ministers, and 100 broken political promises have affected their lives.”

“Entering the Monty world, where community, friends and family step in when the state has so abysmally failed, has been a great personal reminder of what is good about the world we live in” Co-writer, creator and executive producer Alice Nutter said, “The series has been a pleasure and a privilege to write on.”

What Is The Full Monty About?

When the sequel was announced, both creators seemed absolutely ecstatic to be checking in on these characters. “We’re chuffed to bits to get all the Monty Men back together again — now with a chaotic entourage of children, grandchildren, pets, and assorted hangers-on — to see what life in Sheffield is like twenty-five years on,” Beaufoy wrote in a statement.

Mason would add, “Twenty-five years ago Simon introduced us to a group of funny, fearless, and resilient unemployed working-class men from Sheffield and the world fell in love with them. We’re delighted to reunite the original cast for this brand-new series on Disney+ to catch up with these iconic characters and what they’ve been up to since we last saw them on stage in all their glory, and we can’t wait to introduce a host of exciting new faces and characters.”

Here’s how Disney+ describes the upcoming series: “The Full Monty gang is back after 25 years, swapping their stage costumes for dognapping, racing pigeons and one very unconventional hostage situation. Gaz might be older but he’s no wiser, and best mate Dave refuses to get sucked into any more of his antics. But when tragedy strikes, the whole Monty gang must pull together for a common purpose: to honor an old friend.”

The Full Monty streams on Disney+ June 16.

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