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Dragon Ball Super Releases Chapter Preview Featuring Broly/Goku Brawl

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Dragon Ball Super’s manga is currently re-telling the story of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. With the latest film in the shonen series becoming the biggest in the franchise’s history, the next manga installment is taking the opportunity to bring us back to its predecessor. With a new preview having landed, it looks like we won’t just be revisiting the fight that took place featuring Goku and Broly in Super Hero, but will also get a brief flashback to Dragon Ball Super: Broly to boot.

Unlike Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the movie that introduced Broly to the shonen franchise’s main continuity wasn’t given much outside of an extremely brief recap. Now, however, it would seem that chapter 93 is taking the opportunity to further flesh out the legendary Super Saiyan’s arrival, his fight against Goku and Vegeta, and explore the introduction of Gogeta. While Goku and Vegeta are training to further master Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego respectively, Broly is taking another path in attempting to keep his rage under control. Considering how Broly has limitless power but in order to access it must lose his mind to rage completely, it looks like the Saiyan still has quite a way to go.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 93 Preview

One of the major factoids that fan didn’t know when Dragon Ball Super: Broly arrived in theaters was the specific reason that Goku and Vegeta were training furiously on Beerus and Whis’ planet. While the two lead Z-Fighters certainly don’t need an excuse to train, the arrival of Black Frieza at the end of the Granolah Saga means that the Saiyans have some serious work ahead of them. The question now arises as to how Broly might stack up against the alien despot’s new transformation.

In recent chapters, Dragon Ball Super’s manga has fleshed out the events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. If the printed adaptation continues to follow the outline of the successful film, readers can expect the manga debuts for Gohan Beast and Orange Piccolo respectively. When the smoke settles, it will be interesting to see if shonen fans get a breakdown of which Z-Fighter is the strongest. 

Do you think Broly might manage to control his rage and become a trusted ally to the Z-Fighters? Which event from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero do you want to see further fleshed out? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Z-Fighters. 

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