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Omega Strikers Slowly Reveals First New Character

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Omega Strikers has only been out for a couple of weeks now, but the game’s developer, Odyssey Interactive, has already started teasing the game’s next new Striker. This gradual reveal is being done over social media where players have been asked to interact with a tweet teasing the silhouette of the new Striker ahead of their full reveal. As more players like and retweet the tweet, we’ve started to see more and more of this next character with one part of them looking quite familiar if you know your way around the game’s various Awakenings.

The tease in question was first shared on Thursday with the Omega Strikers Twitter account tasking players with a pretty modest goal: 150 retweets and 1,500 likes. That number didn’t take long to hit at all, so players soon saw more of the new Striker. Parts of the new character were revealed soon afterwards to show that they’re holding a guitar with some flashy boots to match.

For this new goal, players have been asked to retweet that image 1,000 times and like it 10,000, a bit of a taller order than the previous one. The bar for retweets was cleared pretty easily, though the lofty goal for likes is taking a bit longer to hit, so we’ll have to see soon if Odyssey Interactive decides to throw players a bone if the community doesn’t end up meeting that goal.

It’s fitting that the guitar would be the first part of this new Striker that’s revealed given that we’ve actually already seen that guitar in Omega Strikers. It’s the same one used as the icon for the Heavy Impact Awakening which makes impact abilities hit harder and reduces cooldowns if you hit two or more targets with one ability. Considering how many of these Awakenings are inspired by different characters in terms of what they do, it wouldn’t be shocking to learn that this new characters is an aggressor who has an ability (probably sound-based?) that can quite easily hit more than one person at once.

If you’re someone who prefers things to remain unspoiled, however, it’s probably best to not be poking around too much for info on this new character. There’s nothing out there right now about the new Striker in any kind of an official capacity, but there are leaks out there which supposedly show what the new character will look like, so tread carefully if you’re to learn more about the new Striker.

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