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Family Guy and American Dad Showrunners Exit Productions Amidst Writers’ Strike

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Two major 20th Television productions have now been impacted by the ongoing Writer’s Guild of America strikes as Seth MacFarlane and the showrunners behind Family Guy and American Dad have departed their respective productions amidst the Writer’s Guild of America Strike. It was announced earlier this month that finding that they were unable to strike a deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the Writer’s Guild of America officially voted for its members to cease their work on their current productions and go on strike as of Tuesday, May 2nd. Since then, many productions have paused or go on hold indefinitely. 

Deadline now reports that Family Guy and American Dad series creator Seth MacFarlane alongside American Dad‘s Brian Boyle and Matt Weitzman and Family Guy‘s Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin have announced to 20th Television that they will be halting their respective work on each series while the Writer’s Guild of America is on strike. But as Deadline also reports, these significant departures might not have an immediate effect on either production. 

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What Happens to Family Guy and American Dad?

As Seth MacFarlane and the showrunners behind Family Guy and American Dad end their work while the Writer’s Guild of America is on strike, Deadline reports that MacFarlane had “long since” wrapped up his current work with Family Guy (which recently ended its 21st season on Fox earlier this month). American Dad is now in the midst of its now airing 20th Season (which began on TBS earlier this Spring), but reportedly has “quite a bit of runway” with three months of completed episodes before 20th Television Animation decides what to do next. 

Family Guy might have ended Season 21, but it has already been renewed for both Seasons 22 and 23. American Dad is currently airing Season 20 on TBS, and has been renewed for Season 21. There have yet to be any concrete announcement as to how the Writer’s Guild of America strike will have an impact on the upcoming releases of those new episodes for either Family Guy or American Dad as of the time of this writing.

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