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Marvel Champions Adds Angel as New Hero

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Marvel Champions has announced their next playable X-Men character. Earlier this week, Fantasy Flight Games revealed the Angel Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game, which comes with a pre-built deck built around the X-Men hero Angel. Angel will be a “three-sided” hero, with Warren Worthington as an alter-ego and both Angel and Archangel as heroes. Players can choose to switch between any of Angel’s three sides on their turn, with Angel having a high Thwart score and Archangel having a high defense. Both hero identities also unlock additional abilities on other cards. Interestingly, Angel and Psylocke are intended as paired decks, as both appear as allies in their respective decks. Psylocke and Angel’s Hero Decks will both be released in September.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game is a living card game in which players use a deck based around a specific hero and work with other heroes to defeat supervillains and thwart their schemes. Each scenario has different rules and circumstances, and players can choose to either use a pre-built Hero Deck or make a custom deck that uses a specific hero’s cards along with cards from one of four distinct aspects. Angel and Psylocke continue a series of X-Men releases that date back to last year and will likely continue through the end of 2023.

Fantasy Flight Games is also working on releasing Marvel D.A.G.G.E.R., a new board game in which Marvel heroes work together to stop a global threat. The game seems to be a Marvel re-theme of Eldritch Horror, one of Fantasy Flight’s popular horror games. The studio also recently announced a new Star Wars trading card game, which will be released in 2024. 

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