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SVU and Organized Crime Crossover Teases Deadly Season Finale in New Trailer

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A new Law & Order: SVU and Organized Crime crossover is underway, beginning on this Thursday’s SVU and moving into the night’s episode of Organized Crime. The crossover will continue into next week’s SVU and Organized Crime and will act as the season finale for both, and NBC has revealed our first look at the anticipated finale in a new promo trailer. The episode is titled All Pain is One Malady…With Many Names, and as you can see in the video below, the stakes are incredibly high, with an SVU favorite being shot. That would be Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson, and fans are going to be on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens next. You can check out the full video below.

The Organized Crime and SVU teams are working together to catch a terrorist they’ve both been tracking from different sides of the case. In the previous episodes, it is revealed that this person runs a website that has people take hit jobs or even crowdfund them, and the scope is international. In the clip we see them forming an official Taskforce to find the person at the center of it, but that person is also putting their own plans into play.

We see several angles of the team infiltrating the suspect’s bunker, but it appears they have cameras watching the place and a firefight occurs. There’s another confrontation at what seems to be a restaurant, and when Olivia goes to fire at a suspect in a gas mask, they fire off a shot first, hitting her and causing her to fall to the floor.

We also see Amanda Rollins once again, as she returned in the previous episode of Organized Crime. Elliot brings her back into the fold to help them with a profile of the killer, and she is seen accompanying them to other scenes in the upcoming episodes as well.

Rollins actress Kelli Giddish excited the series earlier in the season, and fans weren’t happy after reports surfaced that suggested she was pushed out by higher-ups. She was written off in the best way possible though, as she got married to Carisi and took on a new job, leaving the door open for a return down the line. No one expected that to happen this soon mind you, as she already had a guest appearance on Organized Crime earlier in the season.

Now she’s back for a major appearance in the new crossover, and in the last episode, Elliot talked to her about this new career path and how it compares to her old one. At one point Stabler goes into detail about the case they are working and Rollins is completely invested. Stabler notes that she looks far more energized about the case in just a few minutes than she ever did in her class lecture, following that up by asking her if she’s bored.

“The truth? I love the students but I do miss the feeling of solving a good mystery.” Stabler asks if she’s told Carisi, and Rollins responds, “I mean, it would break his heart. He’s the one that got me the job.” When Stabler asks “How about Liv”, Rollins says “You of all people know how she reacts when people leave her.” Stabler then makes Rollins a deal. Stabler says “I bring a little bit more mystery into your life and you work up a profile on this”, and Rollins agrees.

The crossover continues next week on Thursday at 8 PM EST, and you can talk all things Law & Order with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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