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Bobby Fish Reveals Health Update on AEW’s Kyle O’Reilly

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The past few weeks in AEW have been rather eventful and included an unexpected reunion when Roderick Strong showed up on Dynamite to help his friend Adam Cole, who also recently made his return to the ring. Their friend Kyle O’Reilly is also part of AEW, though he is recovering from injury at the moment, so all that would be needed to reunite the entire Undisputed Era would be Bobby Fish. Fish was previously part of AEW but departed last year, and in a new interview with Haus of Wrestling’s Nick Hausman, Fish addressed the possibility of an AEW return and then revealed a health update on O’Reilly (H/T WrestlingNews).

Regarding O’Reilly, Fish talked about how O’Reilly has needed the procedure for quite some time, and Fish is glad O’Reilly is finally getting the chance to recover a bit. That recovery seems to be going well, but he’s also keeping incredibly busy thanks to being a new father. “Kyle’s doing good. Good recovery. Rehab is on an uptick. He’s doing better, but this is a slow recovery. I mean, I think the procedure and stuff Kyle had done was a long time coming. He’s tougher than nails, so what became his normal for years, what he put up with on a daily basis, and we being three of his closest friends, probably saw as much of it, outside of his wife, we saw more of it than anyone else,” Fish said. “I think it was overdue. I just want him to have full recovery for his life. Screw wrestling. They got a new baby girl. She’s beautiful. He’s living that dad life right now so I’m happy for him.”

No timeframe was given on when O’Reilly could make a return to the ring, but he seems to be on the mend, which is great news. As for Roderick Strong joining AEW, Fish is just happy to see his friends doing what they love and having fun. “I will just say this. I’m just happy to see my boys at work. These are, and have always been, legitimate, close friends of mine. I think that’s why the Undisputed Era worked the way that it did in NXT because there was no fabrication to it. We were four guys who were tight and what you saw play out on screen was four dudes who had each other’s back, and that was marketable because it was real,” Fish said. 

“I’m just happy to see two of my best friends back at work, with jobs, and able to support their families. This is real life stuff in this fictional world of pro wrestling. There’s real people here with real wives, real kids, real homes, real dogs, real bills,” Fish said.

As for a potential return to AEW, Fish doesn’t rule it out but also doesn’t seem to be focused on it. “I don’t know. I got my wife. I got my daughters. I got my dog. That’s my every day. Wrestling is literally, it’s a job. I still love it. It’s paying the bills and like, I’m just living my life, and dare I say my best life,” Fish said.

“I got married in July. There’s never an end to the work to be done on a home, so we’re always putting that in. Those are weekend projects. I’m living my best life. Whether or not that circles back around, you know, time will tell,” Fish said. Fish was also asked if he had spoken to AEW President Tony Khan lately, and Fish said, “No. Not really. I think the last time I crossed paths with him would have been at Jay Briscoe’s services.”

Would you want to see Fish back in AEW to complete the Undisputed Era reunion? Let us know in the comments!

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