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MrBeast Responds to Criticisms Over Buying a Neighborhood for His Staff

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MrBeast has responded to those criticizing him for buying a whole neighborhood for his staff to live in. MrBeast has quickly become one of the biggest YouTubers on the planet, so much so that he more or less transcends the platform. He’s in video games like Fortnite, he hosts elaborate games and contests on islands, and does an incredible amount of philanthropy. He’s helped blind people see again and has given away incredibly large sums of money to those in need, but it has come at a cost for his image. Although many are in support of this, he has received criticism that it’s all for the cameras and that there’s something unsavory about his acts of kindness.

One of his more recent charitable acts is that he bought out an entire neighborhood in North Carolina for his staff to live in. While some saw this as a noble deed, others deemed it a bad thing as it’s essentially a “company town”. Company towns are exactly what they sound like, a place where people who work together also live. However, they’ve historically had issues as residents were unable to have a say in local affairs, were never allowed a separation between work and home life, and so on, creating all kinds of conflict and tension with employers maintaining a high degree of control over their employees. MrBeast pushed back on this idea that he is creating a company town and noted it’s no strings attached and is just trying to help others.

Of course, no one MrBeast employees seems to have complained yet. It’s possible it could lead to issues later on, but it really just remains to be seen. Either way, MrBeast hasn’t offered any further clarity on what this neighborhood looks like. If someone got fired or chose to leave the company, it’s unclear if they’d still be allowed to live there, but MrBeast did say there are no strings attached.

What do you think of MrBeast’s decision to give his employees a neighborhood? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.

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