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Nintendo Switch 2 Could Have a Shorter Time Between Announcement and Release

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The Nintendo Switch released more than six years ago, and fans keep wondering when the next console will be announced by the company. Nintendo has kept a tight lid on the company’s next system, and that’s a stark contrast with the Switch. The system was first announced in 2015 under the codename “NX,” fully revealed in 2016, and then released in 2017. It ended up being a long process, but fans should not expect the exact same situation this time around. During an investor Q&A, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa revealed why the company felt obligated to do things that way.

“Looking back at the release of information leading up to the Nintendo Switch launch, we announced the “NX” development codename in March 2015 during a joint announcement with DeNA Co., Ltd. regarding our business and capital alliance (as it related to joint development of smart-device game applications and its operation, and also the core system development centered around Nintendo Account). When we announced our entry into the mobile business at that time, we needed to let people know that Nintendo would be continuing to focus on the dedicated video game platform business as our core business. So, I believe that the timing of the Nintendo Switch announcement was a special case,” said Furukawa.

Nintendo was in a very different place in 2015. While the 3DS had found success, the Wii U was a commercial flop for the company. Hard as it might be to believe right now, many wondered if the company might cease making consoles entirely. Nintendo’s entry into the mobile market was bound to cause increased speculation among fans, so announcing a new system was a smart way to reassure fans about the company’s future.

Obviously, things are quite different, now. Switch has been a massive success for the company, and there’s a lot less pressure on Nintendo to calm concerned fans. When Nintendo does announce the “Switch 2” or whatever the next console will be called, it will happen on the company’s terms!

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