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Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons RPG Starter Set Rulebook Available for Free

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The Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons RPG Starter Set was originally released in 2019, and if you want to get your own copy, expect to drop some serious dough. The physical version of this set will run you over $100 if you try to buy it these days, but the team at Hasbro has recently provided a way for players to dive into the Upside-Down much more cheaply. If you search Hasbro’s site, you can find a pdf of the entire rulebook completely free of charge. All you have to do is download it.

It must be noted that this is only the rulebook. The actual starter set includes several things that you won’t get with this download. Potentially the most important for players are the two Demogorgon figures, one of which is left unpainted so that players can put their personal spin on the figure. That’s not all though, this download also doesn’t include the Stranger Things character sheets, dice, or the adventure book. That last one might be the one that stings the most as fans won’t be able to play through Mike Wheeler’s curated Dungeons & Dragons campaign without it. That said, if you dig around a bit, you can probably find both the character sheets and adventure books somewhere on the internet.


Even without the supplemental materials, having access to the rulebook for free is great for fans. With it being so expensive to pick up physically, this is a great way to get more fans into the game. Plus, with Stranger Things’ final season on the horizon, the team at Hasbro may have plans to add even more supplemental materials in the form of new adventure books, so having the core rules available for everyone would make it more likely for new fans to pick those up. 

Hasbro may have extra time to put that together if they are actually working on it. As part of the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike, Stranger Things Season 5’s production has been postponed. While we don’t know anything for sure, that will likely push back the release date a least a bit to give the team enough time to get the final season up to snuff and ready for release.

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