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The Muppets Mayhem Confirms Bizarre Connection to Peter Jackson Cult Classic

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Filmmaker Peter Jackson might be most known to contemporary audiences for his work on The Lord of the Rings films and King Kong, but long before he became an icon in blockbuster filmmaking, he delivered genre fans dark, disturbing, and hilarious horror films. The all-new Disney+ series The Muppets Mayhem found a way to pay respects not only to Jackson, by featuring a cameo with the filmmaker, but also by establishing that his outlandish and absurd movie Meet the Feebles was connected to the in-world universe of the characters. All episodes of The Muppets Mayhem are now streaming on Disney+.

As pointed out by Bloody Disgusting, in Episode 7 of the series, “Track 7: Eight Days a Week,” The Electric Mayhem band is attempting to make a documentary about themselves to chronicle their journey, with Jackson appearing as himself, serving as a reference to his documentary The Beatles: Get Back. When the Muppet Floyd sees Jackson, he claims, “We ain’t seen you since that night in Wellington, when we met the Feebles.” Jackson replies, “It was a bad night. Two of them are in witness protection. The rest are in prison.” 

It’s no surprise that the characters had such grim fates, as Meet the Feebles served as a parody of the Muppets themselves, exploring the chaos and debauchery they embraced whenever they weren’t filming their family-friendly variety show. Meet the Feebles delivers puppets taking part in a lifestyle of drugs, sex, and violence, understandably causing them, and audiences, to be scarred for life.

In response to confirming these connections between The Muppets and Meet the Feebles, creator Adam F. Goldberg took to Twitter to address his intent with the reference.

“We filled [The Muppets Mayhem] with Easter eggs that only the cool kids would appreciate. My favorite by far is that our show officially establishes that The Muppets exist in the same universe as The Feebles!!! Peter Jackson was utterly delighted. Still shocked Disney let us do it…” Goldberg shared on Twitter.

He did note, however, that he doesn’t think anyone at Disney actually knew what connection he was making in the series. When a fan asked Goldberg if he knew whether anyone at Disney had ever seen Meet the Feebles, Goldberg admitted, “It is my belief NO. No way. Never would’ve happened otherwise.”

The Muppets Mayhem is now streaming on Disney+.

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