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Pokemon Go Reveals Dates for Next Season’s Community Days

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Community Days have long been one of Pokemon Go‘s biggest draws, and players will have a new one to take part in this weekend when Fennekin takes the spotlight. Fennekin will mark the final Community Day for the game’s current season, Season of Heroes. The theme for next season has not been revealed just yet, but Niantic has now announced the dates for the four Community Day events that will take place throughout. Those dates do not reveal which Pokemon will take the spotlight though, but players can look forward to events on the following days:

  • Saturday, June 10th
  • Sunday, July 9th (Community Day Classic)
  • Sunday, July 30th
  • Sunday, August 13th

Naturally, the list is already leading to speculation about which Pokemon will end up featured for these events! Following the list’s appearance on Twitter, many fans guessed that one of these will feature Froakie, the Water-type starter from the Kalos region. Chespin was featured in a Community Day event at the start of the year, and with Fennekin coming this week, that leaves just one Kalos starter unaccounted for. Froakie’s final evolved form is Greninja, one of the most popular Pokemon in the entire franchise, so that Community Day event would be a pretty big deal. Whether we can expect a Froakie Community Day next season is unclear, but it seems like a very safe bet before the end of 2023, at least.

In addition to these four Community Day dates, Niantic also revealed a pair of other important dates that players might want to keep in mind. These include Saturday, June 3rd and Saturday, July 22nd. Unlike those Community Day dates, there has been no information given on what to expect from either of these days, so players will have to wait patiently to learn more. Last but not least, the company reiterated that Pokemon Go Fest 2023: Global will take place from August 26th through the 27th.

Do you plan on participating in this weekend’s Fennekin Community Day event? Which Pokemon do you think will be in the spotlight next season? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

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