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Martin Scorsese Reveals Heartbreaking Comments on His Future as a Filmmaker

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Martin Scorsese has brought to life some of the most iconic films of the past century, building an illustrious career since the 1960s. At the age of 80, Scorsese is still directing blockbusters like the forthcoming Killers of the Flower Moon — and apparently, he has a unique and heart-wrenching perspective on where his career will go next. In a recent interview with Deadline, Scorsese was asked if he still has the drive to keep directing films after Killers of the Flower Moon, and he argued that he can’t even make all of the films he is still inspired to make before he inevitably passes away.

“Got to,” Scorsese explained. “Got to. Yeah. I wish I could take a break for eight weeks and make a film at the same time [laughs]. The whole world has opened up to me, but it’s too late. It’s too late.”

“I’m old,” Scorsese continued. “I read stuff. I see things. I want to tell stories, and there’s no more time. Kurosawa, when he got his Oscar, when George [Lucas] and Steven [Spielberg] gave it to him, he said, “I’m only now beginning to see the possibility of what cinema could be, and it’s too late.” He was 83. At the time, I said, “What does he mean?” Now I know what he means.”

In Killers of the Flower Moon, members of the Osage tribe in northeastern Oklahoma are murdered under mysterious circumstances in the 1920s, sparking a major FBI investigation directed by a 29-year-old J. Edgar Hoover and former Texas Ranger Tom White, described as “an old-style lawman.” The film is based on David Grann’s nonfiction book Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI.

Also starring in Killers of the Flower Moon are Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, Jesse Plemons, Lily Gladstone, Tantoo Cardinal, Louis Cancelmi, Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, Tatanka Means, Pat Healy, Scott Shepherd, and Gary Basaraba.

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Killers of the Flower Moon will be released in select theaters on Friday, October 6th. It will subsequently be expanded into a wide release on Friday, October 20th.

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