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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Cancels Raid Event Due to Crashes

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has cancelled this weekend’s raids due to an issue that caused repeated crashes to the game. Last night, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launched their latest Tera Raid event, which featured the Paradox Pokemon Great Tusks and Iron Treads. However, a bug in the game caused repeated crashes to the game, leading to Pokemon first suspending the event and then ultimately cancelling it. “Due to the issue, we are canceling this weekend’s event,” said a post to Pokemon’s Japanese Twitter account. “We will inform you about the future of this event, such as the schedule for rescheduling, at a later date. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

The issue appears to be tied to the TM material dropped by Pokemon and used to make TMs. When players defeat a Raid Pokemon, they’re given rewards that often include TM material tied to that Pokemon. Paradox Pokemon like Great Tusks and Iron Treads don’t drop TM material but that doesn’t seem to be factored into the formula used to determine Raid rewards. When players defeated a raid, they’d occasionally receive “None” as a reward and this seems to be tied to the repeated crashes. 

While another Pokemon Scarlet and Violet bug is disappointing to say the least, there’s no sign that players who participated in the Great Tusks and Iron Treads raids had their save files corrupted. Many players were worried that the game crashes would result in similar issues to the Walking Wake and Iron Leaves raids back in February, which resulted in those Raids being cancelled and rescheduled for several months later. Hopefully, these new raid issues won’t take quite as long to resolve. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is available on the Nintendo Switch now.

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