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Grant Gustin Reveals He Got COVID Filming the Series Finale

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The Flash may be the fastest man alive, but it turns out that even superheroes can’t outrun everything — or at least the actors who play them can’t. The Flash star Grant Gustin revealed to EW that, with just six days left in filming The CW series, he got COVID landing the actor on the bench and prompting the series to have to do a little bit of juggling to make it all work.

“I didn’t get COVID for three years, and we were six days away from finishing and I somehow got COVID,” Gustin said. “And God bless them, they somehow made it work and shifted some things around on the schedule. We shut down for a day. I was just so close to the finish line and ended up having to do the full 10-day quarantine because I was just still testing positive. And I felt fine! I just had to sit at home and wait to do my last few days for a while.”

Gustin’s illness hit right when they were working on the series finale, which made for an inconvenient time for things, but they did work it out. Gustin explained that because of his illness, everyone had wrapped before him which meant that he had to film some things separately so that they could green screen him in later.

“I had recovered by the time I was filming, but it was killing me,” he said. “Everyone wrapped before me because of that! Candice [Patton] and I shot a really important scene together on Friday, she had her very emotional finish, and I was really happy to be there for that. It was a really special moment. And then the next day was a Saturday that we had to add all of the green screen work.”

“It felt like they were trying to keep me here. We just prolonged the end,” he added.

The Flash series finale won’t wrap up the Arrowverse.

While The Flash is almost across the finish line and is set to conclude Barry Allen’s story next week, series showrunner recently explained that the episode will not serve as a finale for the overall Arrowverse because he’s hopeful the universe will live on.

“I still am hopeful that the Arrowverse is not over,” Wallace explained. “I’ve approached it as The Flash is over and I want to make the best Flash series finale as possible. On the other side, of course, there’s no Batwoman. There’s no Legends. There’s no Black Lightning. There’s no Arrow or Supergirl. It is very strange. All of the shows that were on Earth-Prime, they’re all going away. So, what does that mean? I don’t know.”

“I’ve wrapped up a lot of things in the series finale, and it ends on a very hopeful note that shows you how the future of the Arrowverse could continue in some way, shape, or form,” Wallace continued. “It hopefully gives people closure, but also some hope for the future, because otherwise it’s very sad to think that there’s no more crossovers, that there won’t be an Arrowverse after May 24. That saddens me because I love it so much, and it was such a big part of not just my life, but a whole fan base’s life.”

The Flash‘s final season airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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