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Pokemon Horizons Hints at Nidothing’s True Identity

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Liko and Roy’s journey as the stars of Pokemon Horizons sees the two Pokemon trainers surrounded by quite a few mysteries. While Ash Ketchum might no longer be at the head of the anime adaptation, the two new stars are attempting to live up to his legacy. Now, it seems that the anime adaptation is preparing to reveal the identity of Nidothing, a costumed online video creator whose true identity has been shrouded in mystery since it first debuted. It seems that the mysterious Nidothing is preparing to play a larger role in the anime adaptation.

Liko and Roy’s biggest mysteries associated with them directly are the artifacts that they have in tow. With the nefarious Explorers seeking to gain possession of Liko’s pendant which appears to be harboring a mysterious pocket monster of its own, the new trainers have found a place for themselves with the Rising Volt Tacklers. In only seven episodes, Pokemon anime fans have been able to witness how different not only Liko and Roy are from Ash Ketchum, but have also been able to see how their world is far different from the one we had seen for over two decades in the previous series. 

Who is Nidothing?

Nidothing has so far been introduced in the series as a popular online video creator, wearing a hilariously large pocket monster suit that hides their identity. It would appear that Nidothing has ties to both the Rising Volt Tacklers and the new trainers, as she is hoping to help them on their journeys. Obviously, the streamer is planning to play a big role in the future of Pokemon Horizons.

One fan theory recently was put to bed when it came to the new Pokemon Horizons anime, as many fans believed that there might be a familial connection between Ash Ketchum and Liko. While some theorized that Ash might in fact be Liko’s father, as some speculated that Pokemon Horizons took place years following the conclusion of Pokemon: Aim To Be A Pokemon Master, previews for future episodes have stated that Liko’s dad is named Alex. While Ash has not been confirmed to return to the series as of yet, creators behind the scenes have hinted that Ketchum might return at some point down the line.

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