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Special Pokemon TCG Confirmed for International Release

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A special Pokemon Trading Card Game set will be released in the fall. PokeBeach has confirmed new details about a planned “special set” that will be released sometime in the fall. This set will include cards from the Pokemon Card 151 set due for release in Japan next month, which includes the first Kadabra card published in nearly 20 years and also includes ex cards of Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, and Mew. The set will be released similarly to Crown Zenith and other special expansions, with booster packs included in products like tins, Elite Trainer Boxes, and an Ultra Premium Collection. However, the set’s Booster Packs will not be released individually.

PokeBeach did not have the name or specific release date of the set but estimates that it could be released in late September or October. PokeBeach previously reported on the release of “Obsidian Flames,” the third international set for Scarlet and Violet that will be released in August in the US and elsewhere. “Obsidian Flames” will include a Dark-type Charizard ex card, meaning that we’ll get two Charizard cards (each with two or more alternate art cards) released in 2023. 

While the rest of the Pokemon TCG calendar year seems to be coming into view, players are still getting ready for the release of Paldea Evolved, the second Scarlet and Violet set that is due out for release on June 9th. The cards making up that set are already selling out in Japan, in part due to the inclusion of multiple cards featuring Iono, the Electric-type Gym Leader/influencer from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The demand for the cards are so high, Creatures Inc. (which manufactures the game in Japan) has announced a print-on-demand run for the cards.  

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