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Bloodborne Insider Shares New Proof of PC Version

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A notable Bloodborne insider has shared further proof that a PC version of the beloved action game has existed in some capacity in the past. For years at this point, fans have been loudly been making it known to Sony that they want to see Bloodborne become the next PlayStation game ported to PC. Currently, Sony has brought over titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Days Gone, and Marvel’s Spider-Man, but Bloodborne has remained on the sidelines. And even though it seems like this won’t be changing any time soon, it looks like Bloodborne has definitely been up and running on PC previously. 

Shared by Lance McDonald, it looks like official images from Bloodborne on PC have been uploaded to the game’s wiki page on Fandom. McDonald notes that screenshots of Oil Urns from Bloodborne were uploaded to this wiki from Marcos Domenech, who is an environment artist that previously worked at FromSoftware. McDonald went on to also specify that these images seem to have been pulled directly from a full PC build of Bloodborne rather than simply a beta version of the game on this platform. As such, it seems clear that FromSoftware has internally had Bloodborne operating on PC. 

Of course, it’s worth stressing that just because Bloodborne may have been up and running on PC at one point doesn’t mean this version of the game will ever be released to the public. Still, if what McDonald has found here is true, it begs the question of why PlayStation has never more strongly pursued releasing Bloodborne on the PC platform. After all, such a release would surely net Sony a ton of money and would only continue to make the Bloodborne IP relevant in 2023. With a new PlayStation Showcase taking place in just a few short days on May 24, maybe we’ll get lucky and receive a new Bloodborne-related announcement at this time. 

Do you think that Sony will ever look to port Bloodborne to PC? Or are you instead holding out for a full-blown remake of the game on PS5? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on social media at @MooreMan12

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