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Digital Version of Clank Coming Soon

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The popular deckbuilding game Clank! is coming to computers. This week, Dire Wolf announced that they were developing a digital version of Clank! that would be released for computers and mobile devices in 2024. According to the announcement, the entire Clank! line would be featured in the digital product, although it’s unclear whether this means we’ll be getting one Clank! game with add-ons and expansions, or separate digital games. Backers of the ongoing Clank! Legacy 2 Kickstarter will be the first to access the beta version of the digital game prior to its release. 

Clank! is a deckbuilding game in which players start with a simple deck that determines their actions and movements during a turn. As the game progresses, players have the opportunity to purchase cards to add to their deck while moving through a dungeon in search of artifacts and treasures. Certain cards generate Clank, which represents the noise a player makes as they sneak through the dungeon, and force players to put colored wooden blocks in a blind bag. When a card enters the marketplace with a dragon symbol, players pull out Clank out of the bag and players take damage if their colored Clank is pulled. Players have to balance collecting treasures and victory points with trying to make sure they make it out of the dungeon alive and also trying to out-race their opponents. 

Currently, Dire Wolf is running a Kickstarter for Clank! Legacy 2, a legacy version of the Clank! game that allows players to permanently upgrade and manipulate their starting deck over the course of a campaign length game set in the world of Acquisitions Incorporated. The Kickstarter has raised nearly $750,000 during its campaign. 

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