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Jason Momoa Shares Funny Behind-the-Scenes Photos From Movie’s Most Disturbing Scene

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Fast X is now playing in theaters, and it features the franchise debut of Jason Momoa as Dante Reyes, the son of Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida), the villain from Fast Five. Momoa is easily the franchise’s most fun and eccentric villain to date, in fact, many reviews have compared him to DC’s Joker. Momoa has one extremely disturbing scene that folks can’t stop talking about. At one point in the film, Dante is seen painting the toenails of two dead henchmen as he chats with their lifeless bodies. The moment is both extremely gruesome and hilarious, but not as hilarious as Momoa’s behind-the-scenes photos. The actor took to Instagram this week to share some photos from the movie’s set, including some great ones with the “dead bodies.”

“Love u Kimmy @kim_fardy so excited for the world to see FAST X,’ Momoa wrote. “I had the time of my life. love this cast. so thankful to be apart of it. all my aloha j. mahalo to my amazing stunt team.” You can check out his photos below:

During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, director Louis Leterrier explained they needed to get permission from Universal Studios’ chairman Donna Langley to include the scene in the movie.

“We wanted to see Dante behind closed doors and realize that he is really twisted. It’s not just an act,” Leterrier explained. “So we shot that scene, but we thought it would be a DVD extra at best or in the director’s cut version later down the road. So we started testing the movie without it, and then we started testing the movie with that scene. And the audience went crazy for it. Some were angry and some loved it. And frankly, it was the studio’s Donna Langley who watched the scene and said, ‘I love it. I love the insanity of that scene.’ And so she gave us the OK.” 

How Did Dante Get His Signature Line in Fast X?

During the interview with THR, Leterrier also explained how they came up with Dante’s frequent use of the word “enchanté.”

“That was my suggestion,” Leterrier, who is French, said with a laugh. “What you have to realize is that Jason and I love each other. We found each other on this movie, and we realized that making each other laugh was a great way to create Dante. So we rewrote the dialogue together. I’d say, ‘You should say enchanté,’ and then we would add ‘very bad daddy.’ So we really liked making each other laugh, and the extra points, the joker of our game, was to get Vin to crack up and come out of character as Dom Toretto. So we tried really hard, like when Dante calls Dom ‘butthole,’ but Vin is so focused when he is on set that it was impossible. And when we would call cut, Vin would be like, ‘Oh, you guys tried really hard!’ So we were like kids on set, and it was absolute fun.”

Fast X is now playing in theaters. 

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