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Attack on Titan Director Breaks Silence on the Anime’s Final Episode

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The end of Attack on Titan is nigh. The series already brought its manga to a close, and soon the Attack on Titan anime will follow. The show released the first half of its series finale in the spring, so all eyes are on the event’s back half. Attack on Titan promises to see itself out with a bang, but after dropping a rather peaceful poster for the finale, the show’s director is now speaking out.

Recently, Yuichiro Hayashi spoke out about Attack on Titan as the anime will wrap its run later this year. There are just a few months to go before Attack on Titan season 4 returns, and the anime will drop its epic final episode. According to Hayashi, he still does not feel like the show is ending, but he is starting to come around to the idea.

“With the release of the key visual for the sequel to the final part, the Attack on Titan anime is steadily pushing towards its final act. However, the work is still in the middle, so I don’t feel like I’m done at all. Will the end really come,” he asked in a new letter written for fans (via Attack on Titan Wiki).

Continuing, the director went on to speak about Attack on Titan’s new poster. The minimal visual took everyone by surprise given its peaceful scenery, but some darkness could be spotted if you looked closely enough. It turns out Hayashi wanted to explore this kind of aesthetic for awhile now, so he went all in with the final poster for the Attack on Titan anime.

“As for the key visual, I think this will be the final visual for the the final season,” he shared. “It may come as a surprise to you that it’s going in the exact opposite direction of the characters piling up until now, but I’ve decided to go with a simple route… I think that there is something that appeals to the imagination [when] there is nothing. There are some things that are interesting, but it’s unsophisticated to explain, and it will be a spoiler, so I hope you can expand your imagination and look forward to the [anime’s] final part.”

As you can imagine, Hayashi and his team are still deep into their work on Attack on Titan. MAPPA did confirm the show will drop its big finale this fall, but that is all we know for now. Given what the special’s first half revealed, we know the fated battle between Eren and the world is going to be a bloody one. Our protagonist has done things he cannot atone for, so the question remains how will Attack on Titan close Eren’s journey.

What do you think about the director’s comment here on Attack on Titan? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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