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Black Clover Cliffhanger Unleashes Noelle’s Strongest Form Yet

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Black Clover is now making its way through the final war for the fate of the Clover Kingdom, and the cliffhanger from the newest chapter of the Black Clover manga has unleashed Noelle Silva’s most powerful form in the series to date! After teasing it at the start of the final arc for Yuki Tabata’s original Black Clover manga, Judgment Day has come to the Clover Kingdom as Lucius Zogratis and his Paladin forces have come to the kingdom to wreck up the joint. His Paladins include some major characters that have died in the past, and unfortunately one of them was Acier Silva. 

While Noelle and her siblings managed to have an emotional reunion with their mother during the course of the fights against the Zogratis siblings before, it’s a much different case this time around as Acier has been revived and fully brainwashed by Lucius’ power. As the newest chapter of the Black Clover manga sees Noelle step up against her mother for the first time, Noelle digs deep and reveals that she has unlocked a powerful new form since we’ve seen her last with a new take on her Valkyrie Armor, Dragon Form.

Black Clover: Noelle’s New Leviathan Form Explained

Black Clover Chapter 359 picks up with Acier as the Paladin has easily torn through the Silva siblings. Nozel gets taken out, and Nebra and Solid are nearly giving up because they can’t stack up to their mother’s new power. Feeling hopeless in the moment and nearly becoming Paladins themselves, it’s not until Noelle shows up that things begin to change. Noting that the soul she met before was her real mother, she declares that she will surpass this Acier once and for all. 

It’s revealed through a flashback that in the week since Asta was defeated by Lucius, Noelle actually went back to the Underwater Temple in order to confront the massive Leviathan that had woken up due to Lucius’ power. This sea dragon declares that it’s searching for a partner that can bond with them, someone with the skill to bond with a spirit and massive water magic power. As Noelle teamed up with Undine before and reached Saint Stage, she’s the perfect one to do so. 

Joined together with Leviathan, Noelle unlocks a Dragon Form for her Valkyrie Armor and now she readies to take on her mother in the next chapter. But what are you hoping to see from Noelle’s new form in Black Clover’s final arc? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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