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Fight Forever Release Date Officially Announced

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AEW’s Kenny Omega and THQ Nordic officially confirmed on Monday that AEW: Fight Forever, All Elite Wrestling’s first console video game title, will release on June 29. The game was initially announced back in 2020 with Yuke’s signing on as the developer. Omega said in a press release, “When I first signed with AEW, Tony Khan gave me the opportunity to assemble the best gaming team that understands and respects professional wrestling, to make the best wrestling games ever. Thanks to our incredible collaboration with Geta, YUKE’s and THQ Nordic, a new era of professional wrestling gaming is quickly approaching. AEW: Fight Forever has exceeded my highest expectations, and I’m confident that June 29 will be a momentous day for wrestling fans and gamers alike.”

“Since our initial announcement, fans worldwide have shown unbridled passion around the launch of Fight Forever, and AEW has proven through our exciting storylines and hard-hitting wrestling action that good things come to those who wait,” AEW’s Tony Khan added. “With Fight Forever, Kenny and our world-class team have delivered an authentic, nostalgic feel of wrestling games past, along with the unmatched creativity that AEW brings to the table. It’s going to be cool to see our fans finally getting a fresh and much-needed alternative next-gen console wrestling game on June 29. AEW has the greatest fans on the planet, and I’m excited for them to experience this new way to engage with our stars.”

The press release also listed a number of features for the game —customizable wrestlers, move-sets, entrances, tag teams and arenas — as well as career mode, online multiplayer and leaderboards. The list of match types available at launch will include singles, tag-team, triple threat, four-way, Ladder Match, Casino Battle Royale, Falls Count Anywhere, Unsanctioned Lights-Out and Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match. 

Unlike WWE’s big video game title, WWE 2K, Fight Forever will reportedly have a heavier emphasis on post-launch content and won’t be released annually. Evil Uno, another AEW wrestler who helped with the game’s development, discussed that in an interview with Fightful last year. 

“Of course, it hasn’t been said, but I’m sure we want release more of that roster in due time. There will be more game modes than originally is at release. It’s called AEW Fight Forever for several reasons. One being that this is likely going to be a forever game that evolves over time,” Uno said.

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