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Persona 6 Rumored to Be PS5 Exclusive

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A new rumor has claimed that Persona 6 might end up being exclusive to PlayStation 5. Over the past year, developer Atlus has finally started to bring numerous older entries in the Persona series to Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC, much to the enjoyment of fans. Although most Persona games have previously only been available on PlayStation platforms, Atlus has shown a greater propensity lately to make the series more widely accessible. And while this bodes well moving into the potential reveal and release of Persona 6, it seems like the next mainline installment in the franchise will only head to one console. 

According to video game insider “Nate the Hate”, Atlus seems to only be planning to release Persona 6 on PS5 at this point in time. Nate notes that this strategy could end up changing in the future and Persona 6 could still come to Xbox, in particular. Still, based on everything he’s heard from his own sources, PS5 is the only platform in the cards currently. Beyond this, Nate also states that he has heard Persona 6 may release at some point in late 2024. 

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Persona 6 solely releasing for PS5 is that it would end up skipping a launch on PS4. For those that may not remember, Persona 5 ended up launching as a cross-gen title for both PS4 and PS3 when it released back in 2017. As such, many fans had naturally assumed that Persona 6 would end up coming to last-gen platforms as well whenever it arrive, but it seems like this won’t be the case after all. 

Per usual, since this is a rumor, take everything that has been outlined here with a pretty big grain of salt for the time being. Even though Nate has a pretty solid track record with rumors of this type, plans could always end up changing behind the scenes. As such, until Atlus formally reveals what it has in store with its next Persona game, don’t assume that all of this information is absolutely true. 

How would you feel about Persona 6 only releasing on PS5? And when do you think that Atlus will choose to formally show the long-awaited sequel off for the first time? Let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12

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