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Dead by Daylight Players Get Weeks of Free Rewards Just for Playing

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Dead by Daylight has a big event coming up in a couple of weeks with the return of the Twisted Masquerade event happening on June 21st, but players won’t have to wait until then to start benefitting from the rewards Behaviour Interactive is offering. During the leadup to that event, Behaviour announced this week plans to give away rewards every day from now until June 21st, rewards that’ll be given away just for playing. Highlighted maps known as “Boosted Maps” will appear more often during this mini event alongside some different sales on outfits spread out throughout the next couple of weeks.

Given that the game’s anniversary is once again on the horizon, the goal with this “Before the Masquerade” event is to focus on different eras of Dead by Daylight throughout the years. Week 1 will offer a Bloodhunt with extra Bloodpoints to be earned, Week 2 will offer Double Rift Fragments, and Week 3 will offer Double XP. While those are the three main weeks of the Before the Masquerade event, a community choice event will take place immediately afterwards which will bring players right up to the main event on June 21st.

The rundown of the daily login rewards can be seen below courtesy of Behaviour’s Before the Masquerade announcement. A quick tally of the login rewards shows that players stand to earn 600,000 Bloodpoints and 60 Rift Fragments for doing nothing more than playing the game, assuming you’re able to log in at least once a day between now and the event in June.

Dead by Daylight’s Daily Login Rewards

  • May 23rd – 50K Bloodpoints
  • May 24th – 50K Bloodpoints
  • May 25th – 10 Rift Fragments
  • May 26th – 25K Bloodpoints
  • May 27th – 10 Rift Fragments
  • May 28th – 25K Bloodpoints
  • May 29th – 50K Bloodpoints
  • May 30th – 50K Bloodpoints
  • May 31st – 50K Bloodpoints
  • June 1st – 10 Rift Fragments
  • June 2nd – 25K Bloodpoints
  • June 3rd – 10 Rift Fragments
  • June 4th – 25K Bloodpoints
  • June 5th – 50K Bloodpoints
  • June 6th – 50K Bloodpoints
  • June 7th – 50K Bloodpoints
  • June 8th – 10 Rift Fragments
  • June 9th – 25K Bloodpoints
  • June 10th – 10 Rift Fragments
  • June 11th – 25K Bloodpoints
  • June 12th – 50K Bloodpoints

More of those daily login rewards will continue on and after June 13th, but we’ll have to wait until the community choice event is decided on to see what those look like.

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