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Kobold Press Launches Tales of the Valiant Kickstarter

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Kobold Press has launched the Kickstarter campaign for Tales of the Valiant, a new rules system compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition products that also adds new options and mechanics to the game. First announced earlier this year in the wake of the OGL debacle that caused many publishers to contemplate a break with Dungeons & Dragons, Tales of the Valiant is a new game system designed to strengthen Dungeons & Dragons 5E rules while adding alternative mechanics and fixing what some consider to be flaws in the popular game system. 

Tales of the Valiant will launch with two new books, The Player’s Guide and Monster Vault. The Player’s Guide will include 13 base classes (including the 12 core classes from Dungeons & Dragons 5E and the new Mechanist class) and lineages and heritages used in character-building, while the Monster Vault includes statblocks for various monsters. Notably, Tales of the Valiant will be released to the public under an open, perpetual, and irrevocable license to allow anyone to make material that utilize and are compatible with Tales of the Valiant. 

A preview of Tales of the Valiant launched alongside the Kickstarter reveals rules that are likely familiar to 5E players, but with different class abilities and monster features. While Tales of the Valiant retains most of the core systems of 5E (such as attack rolls saving throws) but with some differences in class abilities and the description of certain spells. 

Kobold Press is one of the larger publishers of rulebooks compatible with D&D 5E and were one of the first to speak out when Wizards of the Coast attempted to replace the Open Gaming License that provided a framework for publishing material compatible with 5E with a more restrictive license. Eventually, Wizards relented and published the basic 5E rules under a Creative Commons license, but Kobold had already started to move forward with Tales of the Valiant as part of its Project: Black Flag initiative.

“I am excited about this next step, and we are dedicated to bringing the best of Kobold Press to Tales of the Valiant.” says Wolfgang Baur, CEO and Founder of Kobold Press. “While the roots of ToV will be familiar, you’ll get all the quality and obsessive devotion you’ve come to know from Kobold Press.”

You can check out the Kickstarter for Tales of the Valiant here. 

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