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WWE NXT Women’s Title Tournament Finals Set for Battleground

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Tonight’s WWE NXT started with the first of two NXT Women’s Championship Tournament matches, which was between Lyra Valkyria and Cora Jade. Valkyria would come out on top, though Jade got revenge for the win, and then it was time for the second match, which was between Tiffany Stratton and Roxanne Perez. Perez looked to have the match won but as she was about to hit Pop Rocks, but Stratton forced Perez to land on the ropes and fall to the mat. Stratton then hit the moonsault and got the pin and the win, and she will move on to the finals at NXT Battleground against Valkyria.

Stratton tapped Perez on the head to start things off with a taunt, and then they locked up. Stratton got the advantage at first but Perez quickly got back into it. Perez covered Stratton but Stratton kicked out. Perez then tried to shoulder tackle Stratton but she didn’t move, and then the second tackle got her. Stratton then ended up on her feet after another move from Perez, but Perez got a cover attempt off before Stratton kicked out.

Perez stayed on Stratton, keeping her off her game for a bit, but then she slammed Stratton down and Pinner her shoulder down. Perez had a wrist lock going but Stratton punched Perez and then got a wrist lock of her own. Perez then spun Stratton around and sent her through the ropes and to the outside, but Stratton caught a dive from Perez. Perez reversed that and slammed Stratton into the ring apron, but Stratton caught Perez on the turnbuckle, knocking her legs out from under her and sending her to the floor.

Stratton got Perez back into the ring and went for the cover, but Perez kicked out. Stratton then kicked Perez several times in the corner and followed that by putting pressure on Perez’s neck against the ropes. Perez pushed Stratton off but then was slammed against the ropes on the other side before Stratton went for another cover. Perez kicked out and then hit a few punches in the stomach and in the face.

Stratton returned the favor and then stomped Perez before going for a cover. Perez kicked out, and Stratton stayed on the offensive, putting her knee in Perez’s back and stretching her arms backward. Stratton was in control but then Perez went on a rampage, hitting Stratton and knocking her off her feet. Stratton would catch Perez and then slam her down. She went up top and Perez would come back and slam her down. That would result in Stratton catching Perez and hitting a Powerbomb, but Perez kicked out of the cover.

Stratton got Perez up on the top rope and they exchanged chops, and Perez hit a Superplex into a cover, but Stratton kicked out at the last minute. Stratton knocked Perez down face first and then went for a Powerbomb but it got countered into a cover. Stratton kicked out and then Stratton went for a cover on Perez but she kicked out. Perez went for another cover but Stratton kicked out. Perez connected with a big kick and went for Pop Rocks but landed on the ropes instead. And then Stratton hit the moonsault finisher and got the pin and the win, moving her on to the Finals at NXT Battleground against Lyra Valkyria.

What do you think of the Finals? Let us know in the comments and as always you can talk all things wrestling with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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