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Ted Lasso’s Jason Sudeikis Reveals Failed Auditions for Blue Man Group

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Though best known to fans for his starring Primetime Emmy-winning role in Ted Lasso and for his years on Saturday Night Live, Jason Sudeikis almost had another, more anonymous career. Long before he appeared on either of those shows, Sudeikis made a few attempts to join none other than The Blue Man Group. The famous rhythm/performance art group has been a staple for live performance (and, frankly, tourism) since the 1990s. Speaking on the latest episode of Hot Ones, where obscure facts from a celebrity’s past frequently come up, Sudeikis was asked about his attempts to join Blue Man Group, revealing how much of an embarrassing experience it was for him.

“I only got to get bald and blue one time,” the actor revealed. “Now here’s the thing that I didn’t realized, all these guys had different faces than me. They all were like great looking cheekbones, full set of choppers. They just looked different. Then when you are all one color, if you dont have those things to hang that paint on, you look like i did. I sincerly mean this, I looked like a blue peanut M&M. It was like, that’s not a face in there anymore. 

He continued, “It was like eyes and some little, tiny teeth, but there’s no- I can’t see a hint of cheekbones, I don’t know what the hell is going on there, and I did not look like my cool ass buddies. I was like, oh no. Then the drumming just with the intensity of being in the thing and all that, my chops weren’t strong enough. I went in there and I remember just flop sweating, and then you’re flop sweating in blue, just a blue M&M getting rinsed with a garden hose.”

Considering the inevitable conclusion of Ted Lasso, maybe Jason can give it another shot in the future.

Is Ted Lasso ending?

Despite clearly saying in the past that Ted Lasso season 3 would be the last one for the hit Apple TV+ series, the streamer hasn’t exactly confirmed that the show is ending .Fans of the series seem to agree that the show might conclude with Sudeikis’ character leaving Richmond AFC and the series continuing without him, but that hasn’t been confirmed. With only one episode remaining in season three of the series however, it seems like we’ll know for certain very soon.

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