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Days Gone 2 Would’ve Released By Now, Says Ex-Developer

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Days Gone 2 probably would’ve happened by now, says a former developer. Days Gone was a game that probably should’ve kickstarted yet another major PlayStation exclusive franchise, but it didn’t. The game was in development for a large chunk of the PS4 generation and was a zombie survival game where you played a biker looking for his wife after the fall of humanity. It was a pretty run-of-the-mill open-world game and it certainly found an audience, but it failed to meet the standards of other PlayStation franchises like Uncharted, The Last of Us, or God of War. 

With that said, a sequel was scrapped and Bend Studio moved on to new projects. However, it seems like had things gone according to plan, Days Gone 2 would have been in our hands just weeks ago. Days Gone game director Jeff Ross noted on Twitter that the latest PlayStation Showcase bummed him out because it reminded him of the fact that the sequel would’ve released just a month ago. When asked why it couldn’t still happen, Ross noted that too much time has passed, a large chunk of the team left the studio, and there’s no interest from Sony. With that said, it seems like Days Gone is a one and done franchise. However, there are rumblings of a movie in the works, but given the lack of interest in continuing the series, a movie may not make sense. 

Of course, Days Gone released in 2019 and a sequel would’ve started development amidst the pandemic. It’s still possible it could’ve come out this year, but it probably would’ve experienced its own roadbumps along the way. Whether or not Sony ever decides to revisit the series is a mystery, but hopefully, one day, Deacon St. John will ride again and continue his zombie slaying adventures. It is a bit of a bummer to know what could’ve been, but maybe there’s a chance it will continue down the line.

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[H/T PlayStation Lifestyle]

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