Kurtis Wiebe Update

Kurtis Wiebe is co-creator of the Rat Queens, which has had a sporadic history in regards to its artists, but has maintained a loyal and tenacious fan-base.

Deadpool and the Author is Dead, pt. 3

Last month, after I posted my second part of “Deadpool and the Author is Dead”, I decided I need to bridge the gap in my knowledge and see the movie. I’ve read the comics and I already loved him and I’ve loved Ryan Reynolds since the beginning. Anyway, I was nervous about seeing the movie. Despite…

Deadpool and the Author is Dead, pt. 2

Last month I talked about how Deadpool was and is mishandled when it comes to queer representation. This month, I’m going to talk about why his creators and writers, ultimately, don’t matter. Meaning, I’m going to take a long time to explain my title.

Sorted: Rat Queens

Not shocking: I am a huge fan of both the Rat Queens and Harry Potter. So, on Tumblr, I asked Kurtis Weibe: And, he answered! So:

Deadpool and the Author is Dead, pt. 1

I was initially going to write an article about Deadpool and pansexual representation. However, upon reading a few articles that either discuss the topic better than I can or attempt to brush it to the side, I’ve decided I’d rather write about Deadpool, queercoding, queerbaiting, and fandom. Mostly fandom. Turns out, as I was outlining, this…

“Fuck Tradition”: More Feminist Appeal in Rat Queens

I am so many months late. I’m so sorry. A lot has happened recently that have to do with the things I am interested in and the specific things I am an absolute fangirl over. Let’s talk about Rat Queens some more. Some months ago, Roc Upchurch, the artist and co-creator of the comic, was arrested for…

What I’ve Learned…

I bet you were expecting a Rat Queens post. I don’t blame you. I yearn, too. But, I’ve decided to ration and, in my rationing, plan said post and all my future Rat Queens posts. So, for now, I give you a review and wisdom I garnered after I read Coffin Hill by Caitlin Kittredge (writer) and Inaki Miranda (artist).