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Not shocking: I am a huge fan of both the Rat Queens and Harry Potter. So, on Tumblr, I asked Kurtis Weibe: And, he answered! So:

“Fuck Tradition”: More Feminist Appeal in Rat Queens

I am so many months late. I’m so sorry. A lot has happened recently that have to do with the things I am interested in and the specific things I am an absolute fangirl over. Let’s talk about Rat Queens some more. Some months ago, Roc Upchurch, the artist and co-creator of the comic, was arrested for…

What I’ve Learned…

I bet you were expecting a Rat Queens post. I don’t blame you. I yearn, too. But, I’ve decided to ration and, in my rationing, plan said post and all my future Rat Queens posts. So, for now, I give you a review and wisdom I garnered after I read Coffin Hill by Caitlin Kittredge (writer) and Inaki Miranda (artist).

New Loves

When I geek out about something, I geek out about it hard and I’m taking everybody with me, so help me gods.